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“Knowledge is power. Knowledge shared is power multiplied.”

– Robert Boyce

Perimeter Monitoring for Prescribed Burn

Prescribed fire is a highly effective management technique used to reduce the risk of wildfires. Read how ground-based sensors can be used for remote monitoring during and after a burn to significantly improve efficacy of management efforts.

Satellites for Wildfire Detection

Learn more about how satellites are used in wildfire detection, along with advantages and limitations of the approach.

Machine Learning for Wildfire Detection

Learn more about how multimodal machine learning models are used for wildfire detection.

The Unprecedented Wildfire Smoke Episode of June 7, 2023: Effects on Public Health, Quality of Life, and Economy in the U.S.

In the summer of 2023, the United States, especially New York City, found itself grappling with an environmental crisis of unprecedented proportions as wildfire smoke from Canada blanketed the continent. This paper explores the multifaceted effects of this catastrophic event on various aspects of life, including air quality, public health, and the economy.