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    About N5 Sensors

    How do I access N5 Shield

    N5 SHIELD can be accessed via our web-based dashboard ( , mobile applications, and via APIs​

    How do I create an account?

    Please reach out to [email protected] or call us at (877) 451-3473​

    What is the pricing method?

    N5 SHIELD has different types of pricing structures, depending on your need we can find you the best model.​

    Can you customize your solution to our needs?

    N5 SHIELD is designed to be customizable to suit your needs.​

    Our products

    Does fire detection happen at night time also?

    Our solution doesn’t rely on any imagery, instead uses complex chemical, particulate, and thermal signature of fire. Our fire detection technology works day and night. ​

    Are there any cameras or privacy concerns with the nodes?

    Our technology doesn’t capture any image, so there are no privacy concerns.

    Can I use fire detection system for prescribed burn support?

    Yes, we have a product that supports prescribe burns.​

    How does ChemBadge work?

    It is a wearable chemical threat detection device that is powered by N5’s proprietary SPH chemical sensor technology​.