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Rugged, Networked Wildfire Detection and Air Quality Monitoring System

The ever-evolving landscape of threats facing our nation demands innovative solutions that transcend the limitations of existing products. Chemical hazards and asymmetric threats require a comprehensive approach to safeguard our Homeland and critical infrastructure. N5 Sensors rises to this challenge with a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge solutions designed to protect our nation and ensure the safety of our brave Warfighters.

Swift Protection for Military:

ChemBadge empowers Warfighters with real-time alerts, enhancing situational awareness and safety.

Secure Homeland Infrastructure

ChemNode ensures continuous monitoring, guarding critical sites against chemical threats.

Data-Driven Emergency Response

Cloud-based dashboard offers clear threat visualization and historical data review for effective decision-making.

Adaptable Defense

N5's patented system expands detectable chemicals, enabling rapid response to evolving threats.

180 Degrees Heat sensor camera to identify fire and chemicals
LCD Display to indentify device
RFID Antena for IoT communication
Proprietary motherboard with array of sensors and protocols to process information

All weather condition

With ChemNode’s vigilant monitoring and real-time alerts, our critical infrastructure gains an unwavering guardian. From military bases to government facilities, ChemNode stands as a proactive defense, swiftly detecting and notifying of potential chemical threats. It’s a testament to our commitment to safeguarding our Homeland, ensuring the safety of citizens and the integrity of vital sites.

360 Degree of Scan

N5Shield’s real-time alerts empower rapid emergency reactions, elevating the capabilities of our military and first responders. By providing immediate warnings of toxic chemicals and hazardous environments, N5Shield enhances situational awareness, enabling quick and effective decision-making. This seamless integration of technology and action contributes to protecting lives, securing the environment, and ensuring a safer tomorrow for all.

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  • Wildfire Detection
  • Wildfire Tracking
  • Wildland Urban Interface
  • Property Protection
  • Smart Cities
  • Air Quality Detection
  • Infrastructure Protection
  • Chemical Security


  • End-to-End Solution,
  • Sensors, System, and Software enabling rapid decision making
  • Multimodal sensor fusion for accurate detection.
  • Direct cellular coverage not required.
  • Real-time alerts via SMS and Email.
  • Intuitive, cloud-based dashboard with mapping capability.
  • Solar Panel and battery operate up to 10 days without sunlight.
Proactive Threat Detection:

In the face of emerging chemical hazards or threats, ChemNode acts as a proactive guardian. By swiftly detecting the presence of toxic chemicals or hazardous agents, it enables rapid response and timely countermeasures, preventing potential harm to personnel, infrastructure, and the environment.

Rapid Alert System

When a potential threat is detected, ChemNode triggers immediate alerts, notifying security personnel and emergency responders in real-time. This rapid alert system ensures that timely actions can be taken to neutralize threats, minimize risks, and ensure the safety of both our Homeland and the dedicated individuals who protect it.

Supporting Homeland Security

In alignment with homeland security initiatives, ChemNode serves as a critical tool for maintaining the integrity of vital sites. It contributes to the overall safety and resilience of our nation’s infrastructure, offering peace of mind to citizens and defenders alike.