Wildfire Detection with N5SHIELD™

Ground-based Sensor System for Rapid and Reliable Detection of Wildfire & Air Quality

N5SHIELD™ is a complete wildfire and air quality detection and tracking system featuring an intuitive and easy to use dashboard that tracks and reports data from multiple sensor sources.  The dashboard includes a map of sensor locations that shows the location of fire detected as well as sensor condition and air quality readings. Real time text alerts and push notifications with GPS coordinates ensure that fires are detected quickly and accurately.  Contact N5 for a personalized demonstration of N5SHIELD features and to see an example of sensors in action.


AI Powered Multimodal Sensor Fusion

The heart of N5SHIELD™ system is a network of AI-enabled multimodal sensor nodes, called “ChemNodes”.  Each ChemNode includes advanced gas, particulate and heat sensors.  By fusing the data output of these sensors using machine learning models, each ChemNode is able to rapidly detect and identify a nearby fire in minutes.  Deployment of a network of ChemNodes enables location of a fire to a precise GPS location.

Remote Unattended Operation

Each ChemNode can be equipped with LTE or LoRa communication, and gateways and repeaters are avaialble in areas of rugged terrrain and limited LTE service.  The ability to design and deploy a system of ChemNodes and Gateways with LoRa, LTE and / or satellite communications ensure that the system is able to operate reliably anywhere in the world.


Learn More

N5SHIELD™ systems are deployed in numerous pilot locations, offering advanced 24/7 protection of communities throughout the world.  Contact [email protected] to learn more or discuss how we can protect your property too.