Wildfire & Smart Cities

Problem: Increased building in the Wildland Urban Interface and climate change has led to more frequent, costly fires, longer wildfire seasons, and poor air quality.

N5Shield™ is an end-to-end architecture that leverages cloud-connected smarter sensors, artificial intelligence, an intuitive dashboard, and real time alerts to make communities safer and healthier. ™

Wildfire Detection and Early Warning

Leveraging a network of advanced, cloud-connected sensors (ChemNode), the N5 ecosystem provides an interactive dashboard for visualizing sensor data and fire alerts. This real time data enables first responders to identify wildfire faster and to analyze local conditions for safe and effective management of fire-fighting resources. 

Reporting Air Quality Trends

Local air quality can vary based on regional and national events, time of day, wind, and weather. Smart Cities are beginning to recognize that sensors and AI can play a role in identifying air quality and airborne hazards. The N5 ecosystem can deliver actionable insights to first responders, city planners, health officials, and citizens, allowing local and individual decision-making that improves public health and protects the most vulnerable citizens. 

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