Problem: Firefighters and hazmat crews are often exposed to hazardous and highly toxic environments

N5’s low-power, compact multi-gas sensor chips can provide unobtrusive detection of a host of gases such as flammables (Methane, Natural Gas, Hydrogen, etc.) or toxic gases (Chlorine, Hydrogen Cyanide, and more)

Next-Generation Hazardous and Toxic Gas Detectors

N5’s Sensor platform solves many of the challenges first responders’ face: Gas Selectivity through design leads to reduced false positives. Fast responding sensors improve safety by alerting crews to explosive or toxic hazards sooner. Multiple gas detection systems are combined in a single chip – a low power, efficient solution.

N5’s chip-scale gas and chemical detection technology can be leveraged to develop ultracompact, low power, reliable gas detectors. Current gas detection systems for first responders are heavy, prone to error, and expensive. N5’s sensor chip technology overcomes these challenges enabling reliable and efficient systems.

First-Responder Benefits

Detection Capabilities

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