Problem: Is the air that we breathe safe?

Air quality in homes and indoor spaces can substantially degrade due to many different reasons – remodeling, use of cleaning products, mold, poor ventilation, etc. Using N5’s sensors and systems you can track and monitor different species inside your home and keep your family safe

Next-Generation, Compact, Low-Power Industrial Gas Detector

Personal Outdoor Air Quality

Breathing in outdoor air pollutants is a real hazard happening to most of us on a daily basis. N5’s embedded sensor can monitor personal exposure to these pollutants, when used in wearable technology.
N5’s low-cost sensor technology can also be integrated into sensor networks with several “nodes.” Connected by industrial WiFi or ZigBee, nodes can produce a gas “heatmap,” identify leak sources and send alerts faster.

Outdoor Air Pollutants

Nitrogen and Sulfur Oxides (NOx and SOx) Ozone (O3): Outdoor air pollution is caused by sources such as emissions from motor vehicles and industrial facilities. Poor outdoor air quality can trigger respiratory conditions, including asthma, leading to hospital visits, medical costs, lost wages and productivity.

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