N5 Solution

Wildfire Detection & Smart Cities

Problem: Climate change, decades of fire suppression and increased building in the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) results in extreme risks for life and property during wildfire events. The 2020 Wildfire season cost insurers between $7 and $13 Billion.

ChemNode, a cloud based, multi-mode early threat detection sand early warning system enables rapid detection, localization and tracking of wildfires, saving lives and property. Advanced sensing features will measure and report air quality and other chemicals for healthier living in next generation connected cities.

N5 Solution

Fire and Hazmat

Problem: Firefighters and hazmat crews are often exposed to hazardous and highly toxic environments.

N5’s low-power, compact multi-gas sensor chips can provide unobtrusive detection of a host of gases such as flammables (Methane, Natural Gas, Hydrogen, etc.) or toxic gases (Chlorine, Hydrogen Cyanide, and more).

N5 Solution


Problem: is the air that we breathe safe?

N5’s sensor technology can provide seamless measurement for outdoor and indoor air quality along with home safety monitoring (carbon monoxide build-up detection, natural gas leak detection, CO2 levels, VOCs, etc.) Monitor long-term exposure of asthma-inducing and carcinogenic compounds with our revolutionary technology!

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