N5 Solution

Fire and Hazmat

Problem: Firefighters and hazmat crews are often exposed to hazardous and highly toxic environments.

N5’s low-power, compact multi-gas sensor chips can provide unobtrusive detection of a host of gases such as flammables (Methane, Natural Gas, Hydrogen, etc.) or toxic gases (Chlorine, Hydrogen Cyanide, and more).

N5 Solution

Industrial Monitoring

Problem: Sensors currently used in handheld detectors for industrial safety and compliance have limitations in form-factor, performance, and reliability.

N5’s chip-scale robust sensors can provide single-chip multigas detection capability with longer operational life. Detect toxic and explosive gases such as Hydrogen Sulfide, Oxides of Sulfur and Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Methane and more.

N5 Solution


Problem: is the air that we breathe safe?

N5’s sensor technology can provide seamless measurement for outdoor and indoor air quality along with home safety monitoring (carbon monoxide build-up detection, natural gas leak detection, CO2 levels, VOCs, etc.) Monitor long-term exposure of asthma-inducing and carcinogenic compounds with our revolutionary technology!

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