N5 Solution

Wildfire Detection & Smart Cities

Problem: Increased building in the Wildland Urban Interface and climate change has led to more frequent, costly fires, longer wildfire seasons, and poor air quality.

N5Shield™ is an end-to-end architecture that leverages cloud-connected smarter sensors, artificial intelligence, and intuitive dashboard and real time alerts to make communities safer and healthier.

N5 Solution

Defense & Emergency Response

Problem: The threats facing our nation are diverse and changing in ways that are not effectively addressed with existing products. Chemical hazards and threats can be comprised of common chemicals available to both rogue and state actors posing an asymmetric threat.

Solution: N5 offers a full suite of wearable (ChemBadge) and fixed-site (ChemNode) chemical detection systems to protect the Homeland and critical infrastructure. The patented sensor array and data analytics are easy to use and provide real-time warning of threats. N5Shield™ provides an integrated platform for managing devices and data.

N5 Solution


Problem: is the air that we breathe safe?

N5’s sensor technology can provide seamless measurement for outdoor and indoor air quality along with home safety monitoring (carbon monoxide build-up detection, natural gas leak detection, CO2 levels, VOCs, etc.) Monitor long-term exposure of asthma-inducing and carcinogenic compounds with our revolutionary technology!

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