N5's technology can be used in our standalone systems, so your detection capabilities are ready as soon as you open the box

ChemBadge is a next-generation wearable gas and chemical hazard detection platform developed using N5’s patented micro gas and chemical sensors. These single-chip, multi-gas sensors enable detection of large variety of chemical hazards with an extensive library of analyte detection capabilities. 

The system is designed to be modular with add-on modules for expanding functionality. The unit can be reconfigured for different missions easily by swapping different sensor modules. The unit can be configured for connectivity to smart phones. 


Industrial Safety
Fire & Hazmat
Drone-Based Monitoring
Military & Chemical Defense
Industrial IoT


Detection Capabilities: CWAs, TICs, 02, and LEL Hazards 
Battery Life: 12 – 24 Hours 
Dimensions: 5 cm (L) x 5 cm (W) x 1.5 cm (Thickness) 
Weight: 0.1 lbs 
Configurable Alarms: Audible, Light, Haptic, and Silent 
Gas Detection: Wide Range of Gases (Toxic, Fire, Explosive) 
Wearability: Body-worn and/or for UAV/UGS Integration

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