Embedded Modules

Digital Gas Sensor Module (DGM) for Embedded Applications

DGM is a low-power, system-on-board solution for selective detection of toxic gases and environmental pollutants. The gas sensor module utilizes N5’s patented low-power Semiconductor Photocatalytic Hybrid (SPH) array technology which combines single or multiple sensors with tailored selectivity in a single chip.


Air Quality and Environmental Monitoring
Smart Cities
Smart Homes and Appliances
Toxic Gas Detection
IoT and Connected Devices
Drone-Based Monitoring
Integration into Complex Detection Solutions
Smart Clothing


Calibrated Gas Measurement with
Temperature & Humidity Compensation
Integrated Temperature & Humidity Sensor
Operating Voltage: 1.8 – 5V
Digital I2C Interface
Easy integration into existing systems
Single and Multi-Gas Options
Highly resistant to interfering gases and poisons

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