N5's microsensors can be easily integrated into any wearable, smart home, or safety devices

N5 Sensors believes that the future of electronics, including phones, smart home, and appliances, will have integrated gas measurement. N5 offers chip-scale microsensor solutions for embedded developers. We offer low-power single gas, dual-gas and 4 gas sensor devices with small footprints and low power consumption. Sensors are fully SMD capable and highly resistant to typical sensor poisons or interfering gases, making them suitable for the challenging demands of today’s electronic products.


Air Quality Monitoring
Consumer Devices
Chemical Detectors
Smart Phones
Robot Vacuums
Autonomous Cars
Smart Air Purifiers


Single or Multi-Gas detection in a single package
Surface mount compatible
Low power
Highly resistant to poisons and interfering gases
Ceramic (LCC) and Plastic (QFN) packaging options
Low-temperature operation

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