New technology aims to help save the lives of local firefighters

Firefighters are equipped with a device that can track where they are on scene and record what they’re inhaling or being exposed to. — NEWS1130 (October 29, 2019)

Gas Detection Chip for Monitoring Air Quality

A gas detection chip for monitoring air quality, made by N5 Sensors, Inc., one of five companies that recently received an N-STEP grant. – National Institute of Standardized Technology

Shaken Fury Tests Responder Tech

To prepare to ensure the safety of thousands  of visitors when it hosts the World Games 2021, first responders in Birmingham and Jefferson County, Ala., are working with the Homeland Security Department to test technologies that will keep them better …

The MSEC 2018 Technology Showcase: Who Owns the Data?

This ultra-reduced, critical dimension semiconductor architecture allows the integration of multiple gas sensing elements into one module as a drop-in replacement for existing gas sensors. – 3DinCities (November 6, 2018)

ARPA-E Projects Aim for Energy Savings in Buildings

ARPA-E’s SENSOR program seeks user-transparent sensor systems that accurately quantify human presence to dramatically reduce energy use in commercial and residential buildings. – Power Electronics (November 22, 2017)

N5 Sensors Selected for $1.53 Million ARPA-E Award

N5 Sensors and its partners will develop and test a novel semiconductor-based CO2 sensor technology that can be placed on a single microchip. CO2 concentration data can help enable the use of variable speed ventilation fans in commercial buildings. – ARPA-E …