Nitrogen dioxide, or NO2, is frequently monitored when measuring outdoor air quality. NO2 is a highly reactive respiratory irritant that is generated from combustion of fossil fuels, the most common sources being motor vehicles. In low concentrations, NO2 exposure can exacerbate existing respiratory conditions (such as asthma) as well as cause irritation in healthy individuals. Concentrations vary greatly depending on location, with areas near high traffic having much higher levels. This makes N5 Sensors an ideal choice for monitoring NO2, using low-cost, low power sensors to create a distributed sensor network.

NO2 can also be present indoors, from combustion in furnaces and stoves. This makes N5 Sensors of interest for indoor air quality monitors and air purifiers.At higher levels, NO2 becomes immediately toxic with danger of severe respiratory irritation and pulmonary edema at very high concentrations. Workers in agriculture and industry can be in danger of being exposed to elevated NO2 concentrations. With this in mind, our sensors can be used for body monitoring as well as fixed monitors to measure NO2 levels.

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